SPECTRUM SKILLZ (for 7+ year olds):

#1 Kids Martial Arts Class in Sleepy Hollow. Now accepting new students!

The Kyuki-do Martial Arts Martial Arts Program For Kids On The Spectrum.

That Gets Them To Communicate, Focus, Engage.

Try SPECTRUM SKILLZ Now: {{HEADLINE}}. See why Sleepy Hollow parents and kids rave about our SKILLZ Spectrum kids martial arts classes.

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The Secret of SKILLZ

Unlocking Your Child's Inner-Superhero

We learned how 7+ year olds think, feel, act. And we crafted a program perfect for them. That’s how we help kids find their inner-superhero.

The SKILLZ program is trusted by thousands of martial arts schools worldwide, and impacts tens of thousands of families every day. It’s tested, proven, and now available just for you.

“As a parent of a child with special needs, I cannot thank you enough. My son loves it and I love it. Seeing him becoming slightly more independent, responsive and motivated, is the biggest reward for me. […] My son feels like he belongs, he is happy to participate and that makes him try harder. ”

Iwona Przyborowski
Skillz – Spectrum SKILLZ
Spectrum SKILLZ for Kids

Your Child’s Needs

It’s easy to underestimate kids on the spectrum! They’re uniquely wonderful, with amazing abilities and strengths.

But they often need help with specific challenges like controlling their emotions, social interaction, and attention span.

Our instructors give each child the one-on-one attention they deserve. We don’t just track progress—we celebrate it! No child slips through the cracks, and every child has a chance to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our martial arts classes are dynamic and interactive, making them perfect for kids with lots of energy. Through various exercises and games, we help them channel that energy into focus and skill-building.

Here at Kyuki-do Martial Arts our martial arts for kids on the spectrum has safety as our top priority Kyuki-do Martial Arts. Our instructors are trained to work with children of varying abilities and challenges, ensuring that each activity is age, and range-appropriate. Our lessons focus on developing life skills in a safe, fun environment.

Our instructors are trained in child psychology and behavior management. We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and maintain a disciplined yet fun learning environment in our martial arts school.

Absolutely! We love it when parents get involved. Your child will love it, too. It’s a great way to build a strong family connection. If you need some ‘me-time,’ feel free to drop off your child and enjoy a relaxing coffee break. They’ll greet you with a big smile after their martial arts class. They had a blast!

No worries! Our martial arts lessons are designed to help kids at all skill levels improve. We focus on individual progress and celebrate each child’s achievements, athletic or not. Martial arts is as much about mental growth as it is about physical strength.