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4 Foundational Elements of our Youth Martial Arts Programs

Youth Martial Arts Programs

When it comes to extracurricular activities for children, there are so many options available these days. So how do you choose the right one? At KMA Sleepy Hollow, we focus on providing your child with skills that will last their entire life. We want to help make them happier and more successful people and we keep this goal in mind when we develop our youth martial arts programs.
Regardless of age, each of our programs focuses on 4 foundational elements. These are developmental elements that will benefit your child immediately and stick with them for the rest of their life.

4 Foundational Elements of our Youth Martial Arts Programs

Let’s take a look at how each of these elements fit into our youth martial arts programs in Sleepy Hollow and West Dundee.

1. Physical Development

Staying active is very important for your child’s overall development. Martial arts is a great activity for children because it keeps them moving.
Martial arts is all about coordination, focus, and self-control, but you learn those through learning to move and control your body. We work with kids on new skills each week that vary from running to jumping, kicking and punching, crawling, and rolling, and so much more! They will become stronger, fitter, and more coordinated.

2. Intellectual Development

We love to challenge our students intellectually. In our programs, they will be learning new things on a regular basis. We teach new skills and techniques all the time, and we also work on perfecting the skills we already know but using them in new situations and combinations.
Our programs also help kids with their analytical and problem-solving skills. This is a valuable skill that helps kids improve their grades and will benefit them greatly later in life.

3. Emotional Development

This is one of the most powerful skills for children to learn, especially for our younger groups.
Emotional stability at a young age helps build self-confidence. Self-confidence is the driving factor behind a child’s ability to set goals and achieve them. It is also helps them feel secure about themselves and prepares them for dealing with new situations.

4. Social Development

Children should always be working on their social development. Whether they are at school trying to make new friends, part of a team and having to work together, or interacting with people in public, it’s important for them to feel confident and comfortable in social situations. This will benefit them in so many ways as they get older.
One way we work with kids on social development is through teamwork. Our students are always working in groups and as teams to complete tasks and learn new skills. Communication is important during these exercises and they must work together to get better.

While there are many other great benefits to youth martial arts programs, our 4 foundational elements give our students the building blocks needed to have a happier and more successful life. The confidence, social skills, and physical and emotional development learned in our Sleepy Hollow IL martial arts programs help children daily, both on and off the mat.
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